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About This File

Level 250 Pvm-Pvp Easy
At the beginning you receive the whole set of fully bonused and finished pvm + the necessary permanent consumables and level 100
On the teleport ring you can find all the maps from level 100 to 250 to teleport to farm
The finishes are attached to the item and permanent from the start
Items support 10 bonuses and 8 gems per weapon and 5 per armor (to be able to make 1 pvp set and 1 pvm set)
PvP items can be found at weapons and armor stores directly with full bonuses (in case you want to change something you have the bonus cancellation item at the general store and attach them again)
"evolutions" are type "stage" (stages) up to 7, ie there are 6 stages to go to reach full pvm / pvp
Whatever level you have you can go back to any folder you want and you will have a drop (no separate character from the farm is needed)
At the 7th stage you will find 5 more pluses:
- you do steps 1-7 easily, farming on methine / bossi on the map / bossi dungeon
- the 5 pluses from the 7th stage will require separate upgrades that only fall to level 250 dungeon meley (guild dungeon - you can't do it alone or in a group)
At level 250 you can find a map on the teleport ring where there is a new boss named Charon who is boosted with high dmg and 100kk HP where you can find a single drop
- was made for general or guild beats
- It's not a dungeon, anyone can come in at any time and it has a 6 hour respawn
The pvm / pvp set consists of weapon, armor, accessories, pet, mount, title, belt
- including the pet, the mount, the title and the strap have stages and must be evolved
The talismans are 6 in number, just like the folders and stages, each folder has a specific talisman
- 1 drop on the boss in the dungeon
- for each plus he asks for x talismans of what the plus is
- pvp talisman can be bought from the armor store> accessories with all pvm talismans +20
The dungeon is made to enter it once every 20 minutes and you have no run to do but beat the boss directly
Both pvm and pvp titles have fixed text for stages and bonus but once you reach the 7th stage you can betray it in map1 at ... to exchange it for another title with a different text
On the server you can find a multitude of skins, design costumes with pvp bonus that you can buy from map1 with "Player Soul" that you take from the deathmatch event (1kill 1 point)
The stones can be raised up to +9, up to +8 you raise them with upgrades that fall to the metin stones and at +9 it will ask you to upgrade from Charon (Boss of 250)

Systems (by and large, there aren't nearly that many):
Biologist at:
- to go to the biologist directly click right on the item and also on the item you will have the biologist's information or at the top left corner at the buffs you will have an icon with a leaf if you click on it you will have information there
- items are randomly dropped to mobi depending on the mission you are on
- There are 15 biologist missions
Shining - Effect - Specular
- Shining are bonus effects
- The effects are no bonus and are just design
- The mirror is something special, it is that shine on the weapon and armor and is made as an item in the inventory to provide an advanced design, does not contain bonuses and can be found at the mirror shop from 10 to 100% every 10.
Chat and private message emojis
View target player & decimal hp
Damage top - opens from the Y or button on the minimap
Destroy the item when you throw it on the ground or in the inventory if you hold the mouse over the item you will see info for quick destruction DEL + click
The server team in the friends window + the flag of each country
Inventory password - the button falls on the inventory, on its bar, next to X.
The fixed bonuses from the general store that you draw directly on the item and are fixed
3 new guild systems (choice max. Number of players + points to declare, TAB to war for statistics, killcounter below minimap from war)
Skill color change (select all 5 tabs in the desired color then press OK)
View drop chests
Player Lock (locks with the penultimate button in the friends window) you no longer receive messages from him, he can't give you a duel, business, group, guild and vice versa
Bearded system that can only be used in the bearded folder (V5 - found on the ring)
Offline message, if the player is off and you send him a message, the message is sent automatically you no longer have to put # or accept anything
Expand information in the private message window - if you hold the mouse over the player's name, your kingdom, level and ch will appear + fast close PM (info if you hold the mouse over the X from the PM)
Now if you have people in the group they will see where they are on the big minimap
To the left of the guild he will show you an emoji meaning that he is the leader of the guild
You can see online players everywhere under the minimap
View drop + mob information
CH change (from the [ESC] options window) - (a fast change ch will be added at the top of the screen)
Information for the dungeon found on the minimap or the J key
Special inventory for general upgrades and usable in the evolution of equipment

Lucky Box
Catch King
Okey Card

Map1 has been changed and is a map containing all 3 kingdoms
A variety of new emotions + the "dead" emotion when you die and the fist emotions
When you use an emotion the weapon and the effect will hide and come back when the emotion is ready + anti spam on emotions
The success rate of the stones is 100%, once +9 is practically permanent
Ninja and shaman have 15% mob from the start in addition to war and sura
Skills are permanent (if the mob kills you you don't lose them, if the player kills you you lose them)
When you exceed 10 minutes of still state the character sits down with an emotion and enters AFK
Consumables are permanent from the start

Everything I have presented here is not even half, more I leave you to find out from the server.


This files is avaible only for NEW VIP MEMBERS USERS!


Controls_fixs.h Controls_other.h Controls_systems.h


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